Live streaming


Protecting your premium content during live broadcast has never been more important. With S.A.P.A.’s anti-piracy solution for live streams, illegal broadcasts can be managed effectively and with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Relying on the key technology in the fight against piracy, S.A.P.A. is a solution which targets all forms of live streaming video and p2p torrents, in real time.

In addition to the process in the fight against piracy, which consists of four stages, S.A.P.A. adopts:


Locating Websites that are illegally streaming video, and putting them on a ‘Watchlist’ in order to localize illegal activity during the broadcast, and in order to respond expeditiously in removing such content. We inform you through detailed analysis of the market in the week prior to broadcast.


Search and confirm live illegal streams in real time, from over 50 specialist UGC streaming sites like Justin.TV, unStream, Veetle.
Scanning dedicated paid sites by its members and ‘unicast’ gears, in order to understand the source of illegal display.
Scanning P2PTV – peer to peer TV services such as Sopcast and TV ants and confirm live streams.


Most live streams are removed and continue to be instantly removed through our instant takedown technology, which is installed in many leading Websites.
Severe disruption for viewers, and the all-important negative viewing experience starts.
Viewing experience significantly delayed or event prevented.
Users funnelled onto few remaining live streams, which degrades the quality of the streaming and access to all the participants.


Detailed reports