The global film and TV markets have completely changed in the digital age, as the business of film piracy takes an more visible and stronger position.

The core to this is a new type of user that is more demanding and who increasingly consume your content in the fastest and the most convenient way available to them, and that is viewing it on the Internet.

S.A.P.A. is the first single complete solution to combat internet piracy in the Balkans.

With engaging S.A.P.A. protecting your online content becomes possible . Our web – based 24/7 control system and search through millions of piracy -based web sites, allows you complete control over the examination, automation and deleting illegal content.

Gray market protection, controling DVD sells on eBay , Amazon & other retail destinations.

With a dedicated team and 24/7 support , we are always on hand to help with all short-term piracy problems, such as leak issues during cinema promotions, as well as long-term solutions of full-service, including the fastest and most cost-effective possibility of legal offers and monetisation of your content on the first legal video platform in the Balkans.

Our world-class technical development team is constantly adding new options and developing the system, following the development of online piracy.

Protect your content immediately, remove illegal links and watch your sales grow.

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Whether you are a small independent production company or a larger company with dozens of titles, S.A.P.A. is a flexible system that can adapted to your needs and budget.

With 24/7 support, we are always on hand to help with all piracy problems.

This allows you to remove the illegal source files and destinations, while also increasing the visibility of legitimate sales channels.


Our search and monitoring technology is ensuring the adoption of most accurate matching results of the pirated content with your content.

Key standpoint of each system to combat piracy is to ensure that every pirated link to your content is found, determine compatibility with the original and removing it as quickly as possible.

S.A.P.A. is the only company of its kind in the region that works globally with all media industries.


  • The possibility of removing 95% of pirat links until 48 hours
  • Removal of illegal content from cyberlockers, P2P torrent sites, MP3 sites for downloading and streaming content, and illegal search listings on Google
  • Database of piracy related web sites
  • 24/7 searching for your content
  • Dedicated tools for key searching of sites such as and
  • Google takedown system designed to optimize search results, setting the legal options for downloading on the top of search
  • Adding additional files at any time
  • Supports YouTube fingerprint
  • Signup and adaptation within a few minutes
  • A fully transparent system, a report for each removed link
  • 24/7 monitoring of the removed content to ensure that it will remain removed
  • Adjusted team behind the scenes, ensuring rapid removal
  • 24/7 customer Support