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Serbian antipiracy agency

effectively and comprehensively detects piracy on the Internet

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Serbian antipiracy agency

helps prevent unauthorized distribution and sale of authorized works

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Serbian antipiracy agency

protects the revenue expected from new publications

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Why use our services?

We are here to protect your intellectual property from digital piracy. Find out why you should use our piracy protection services.


We have long since begun to protect digital content for popular publishers and media houses. Since then, we have not stopped learning and improving - that is what gives us a rich experience as an agency for the fight against digital piracy.


We are proud of our effective protection against piracy. 99% of the content we detect and report will be deleted, and 100% of the results from the search engine will be removed.


It doesn't matter if you are a big media corporation or a small company: we will find a solution to your problems. By using our automatic search engine in combination with professional agents, we can always find the right solution.

A higher level of access that will help you fight piracy on all major channels for the distribution of illegal content

  • S.A.P.A. effectively and comprehensively reveals piracy on the Internet, by simultaneously monitoring millions of P2P users in all the major networks, including:,,,,,,, loadto, storageto, netload, ziddu, twoshared, badongo, despositfiles,
    filefactory, thousands of streaming sites, auction sites, blogs, exchange services, Websites and online forums
  • S.A.P.A. helps to prevent unauthorized distribution and sale of authorized work, quickly responding against sites and networks, which make this material available
  • S.A.P.A. protects the revenue expected from new publications, proactively detecting and responding to copies on the Internet,
    which came out before the date fixed for the publication thereof
  • S.A.P.A. makes comprehensive legal evidence available for possible future legal actions against online pirates
  • S.A.P.A. measure its efficiency through a detailed report of piracy abuse, that are found and successfully removed
  • S.A.P.A. optimizes the anti – piracy budget through flexible business models and service levels, in order to meet the needs of each company