Discontinue the distribution and promotion of pirated digital content on the Internet

Global Data theft affects a wide range of digital content – movies, music, software, games and e-books. The owners of the rights of the content must adopt a proactive and comprehensive approach to the theft of data through the network, identifying and supporting illegal downloading in a wide variety of internet channels Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, the contents which are generated by users, blogs, Websites for streaming video content and Usenet services as well as monitoring and preventing the associated support measures in the search engines, social media and Internet sites.

Our anti-piracy technology provides the most complete solution for network monitoring, identifying and responding to piracy and related promotional activities.


Finding movie links, music links, games and software, pre- and post-release. Searching all important P2P-networks including BitTorrent and eDonkey. Searching for sites with video-links, blogs, Cyberlocker, news. Searching for sites with auctions, B2B exchange services, Websites.


Verify the presence of copyrighted material and the form of violations of the law. Detect related, suspicious ads on other Internet channels. Establish extensive evidence against offenders for possible future use in legal disputes..


Correspondence with internet providers that host Websites that are violating the law in order to remove the content. Process of removing links and suspending hosting for owners of Websites. Unlearning internet users from Websites with material that infringes copyright.


detailed monthly report. In the report you can see our daily activity and see the number of broken links

The demand for pirated copies is on the rise: with industry sources estimating lost revenue worldwide due to counterfeiting and piracy at $ 200 billion per year. In terms of national creativity, there are no accurate figures, but the fact is that the losses increase and the affected industry will have less funds that can be invested in future releases. And that future releases again threaten the loss of income due to premature publication, which reflects the quality and competitiveness in the world market.

The answer: as more LEGITIMATE online, distribution and promotional channels, and monitoring, identificating and enforce in order to stop digital piracy, wherever it occurs.