• S.A.P.A. effectively and comprehensively reveals piracy on the Internet, by simultaneously monitoring millions of P2P users in all the major networks, including:,,,,,,, loadto, storageto, netload, ziddu, twoshared, badongo, despositfiles, filefactory, thousands of streaming sites, auction sites, blogs, exchange services, Websites and online forums
  • S.A.P.A. helps to prevent unauthorized distribution and sale of authorized work, quickly responding against sites and networks, which make this material available
  • S.A.P.A. protects the revenue expected from new publications, proactively detecting and responding to copies on the Internet, which came out before the date fixed for the publication thereof
  • S.A.P.A. makes comprehensive legal evidence available for possible future legal actions against online pirates
  • S.A.P.A. measure its efficiency through a detailed report of piracy abuse, that are found and successfully removed
  • S.A.P.A. optimizes the anti - piracy budget through flexible business models and service levels, in order to meet the needs of each company

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